PiDome Home Automation/Domotica

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Quick about

With the PiDome Home Automation/Domotica project we try to create a transparent home automation environment for the raspberry pi for end users as well as for developers and/or hobbyists. For end users we tend to create a controlled environment in such a way that every device, component or plugin is controlled in exact the same way. And for developers/hobbyists to provide a flexible API to program they’re own specific hardware in java or use a graphical xml editor to create devices and/or plugins.

Some features outlined

  • Aimed at technical and non technical users,
  • Define triggers: If this then that,
  • Macros: Run multiple commands at the same time,
  • Control your media devices (XBMC) and create your own remote controls (Infrared),
  • 3D visual floor planner,
  • Desktop OS like or widget like client, use what you would like best,
  • Android client for your phone,
  • Raspberry Pi and Android tablet clients are work in progress,
  • Support for longer I²C lines from the Raspberry Pi,
  • MQTT Broker publishes data from devices.
  • Custom hardware, Philips Hue,,KlikAanKlikUit (Using custom hardware)
  • RFXCom (Support for LIGHTING2, AC which are  learning/newer types: KlikAanKlikUit (ClickOnClickOff), Anslut, Chacon, CoCo, DI.O, Intertechno, HomeEasy UK, NEXA), help us make it better!,
  • Weather data where you can choose between openweather, and Buienradar, more will follow.
  • Get the most out of the raspberry pi using the GPIO pins (I²C, serial, spi and the common GPIO pins),
  • No low level hardware programming required because of predefined devices or a visual editor to define you’re own created device,
  • With predefined devices you can add any kind of device you want by just setting some device properties,
  • No need for user interface design with you own device, the client/web service creates it automatically,
  • Real time usb peripheral detection, correct drivers are loaded based on vendor and product id (vid&pid),
  • Macro’s and event triggers which can set your presence (Home/Away), if you are a sleep, perform actions on sunset/sunrise, a fixed time, part of day, if you are awake, if you are home or not, or output from a device,
  • Data automatically graphed and stored in a round robin databases.
  • Create your own custom devices (with supported drivers like MySensors) with ease using a graphical interface.
  • Use the api and create a device/middle-ware and/or peripheral driver your self.
  • Secure connections between the server and clients.

We have started with the dynamic platform.

On this platform website you will be able to see the latest supported packages, drivers and plugins. It is available at

What’s in the package(s)?

This project contains three different sub packages. The server, the clients and of course the hardware. The server is the heart of the system which controls everything, the client extends the server, and is designed to run on a different location. The hardware contains little projects we create our self’s which are designed to communicate with the server, but do not need the server to operate. Also we do try our best to support a lot of devices out of the box.

More information about the packages

More information can be found at the pages for the serverclient and hardware.



Currently any downloads are development/alpha releases, so stuff tend to brake, start working or features are suddenly added.

Downloads are available at the download page.

3 thoughts on “PiDome Home Automation/Domotica

    Raj Singh said:
    June 26, 2015 at 15:39

    What are you trying to say? We can do home automation using raspberry pi??

    If yes, then I am interested in volunteering


      John Sirach responded:
      June 26, 2015 at 16:13

      Yes indeed, Send an email to with details on how you would like to help.

        Raj Singh said:
        June 27, 2015 at 21:12

        OK sure I will send you the email shortly

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